Infant with inhalation mask

Real Life UX – The Power of Good Feedback

If you’ve read some of my posts, you probably know I have two sons. Unfortunately they are both inclined to Asthma. This means that since they have been tiny little babies, we’ve been required to treat them by inhalation. This can be a very negative experience to all sides involved. Imagine you are a young child, a baby…

George Clooney as ER's Dr. Doug

Just let me know: Hospital UX

Just because the hospital staff go through it a hundred times a day, doesn’t mean they should forget about their primary, extremely anxious, users. How simple and well known UI principles can improve user experience in the hospital.

On user experience and meatballs

A certain client, let’s call him “Dad” (aka my husband, father of my children), approached me with a serious problem. He had managed to create a very good product. An excellent meatball. It was round, big and of good complexion. Juicy and full of flavor from all its tomato sauce marinade. His product even ranked…