10 UX Comic Inspirations

A few months ago I was asked to please explain in 10 minutes what UX is to 500 people in my organization who have never heard of this profession before. In other words: “Please explain to us what it is you are doing and why it is important”. In other words: “What exactly are we paying you for?”. In other words:”So you are a graphic designer right?” To my rescue came the UX twitter support group supplying me with links and ideas. A bunch of Funny (!) videos later the idea for this post emerged. And so, for my second “Top 10” list I put together ten UX comic inspirations. They will spice up your presentations, ignite conversations and well, make you smile as you share the collective experience of being part of this world called User Experience. So here it goes, UX humor – Top 10.


New guy at the office

New guy at the office

OK/Cancel‘s comic strip. Dive into the archives for more or wait for Kevin Cheng’s upcoming book.


Dilbert by Scott Adams

The world’s best engineer

What can I possibly say about Dilbert that hasn’t been said? There is something of him in every one of us. There is a great collection of user experience strips to choose from. 


UX drinking game, Contributing to bars near agencies since 2011

This one requires an insiders perspective, and a good dose of cynical outlook on our profession. But boy, is it funny.  Designed by Patrick Neeman of Usability Counts, best way to follow these is on Twitter, and apparently there is an iPhone application too…So, “Every time someone says Jakob, take a drink”.


UX job title generator

Get yourself a ninja title

Boost up your moral, spice up your resume, add something exceptional to your ad. A quick run on the UX Job Title Generator and you will never go back. It get’s even better, it actually has real job offers on it. So from now on I will refer to myself as a “User Centered Design Ninja”


S**t Interaction Designers Say

Is that a NUI or a GUI?

Seems this one was created at the recent Ixd12. It got me laughing out loud. Elaborates even further on our shortcomings as a profession. Apparently we can’t properly  describe ourselves, what we do or avoid using jargon…


Magical ipad

Magical iPad

It’s a kind of magic…Magician Simon Pierro has brought the iPad user experience up to a whole new level. Good for a comic break during presentations about iPad, touch UX or cookies. It does make a strong case for what we would really want: converting the virtual into real. Just imagine such an ability, combined with Pinterest.


Satisfy the Cat

Satisfy the Cat

John Boykin has created a valuable video to help explain why user-centered design is crucial. What is funny though is the analogy he uses to do so. Thanks to Tomer Sharon, author of Its Our Research for sharing this one.


I Love UX Design

I Love UX Design

From the mouth of the creator himself:”Who doesn’t love a good UX design, and who doesn’t get totally frustrated with bad experience design. Hail to all the great UX designers of the world. Spread the love for UX design!!!”. A delightful creation by Lyle Alzaldo.


Eddie Izzard's Encore on Computers

Do you also have Techno-Joy?

Now it is getting even better. Yup, I’ve saved the best for last. This is another video recommended to me for that 10 minutes UX presentation by Tomer Sharon. I have watched it at least 15 times and every time was worth it. If you want to smile right now – watch it.


Lifted by Pixar

Getting your abduction license

It was a close call. It was hard to choose, but this video is the one I finally used in the 10 minutes UX presentation and it certainly did the trick. I first saw it at the movies (those little bits before the actual feature) but have quite forgotten about it until Russ Unger showed it in the local UX convention. Nobody can beat Pixar, and it is really nice of them to make a specific UX animation. So if you need to get 500 people laughing, this will do the trick.


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